11 Daily Habits to Add to Your Routine in 2016

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Adopt new habits to replace the not-so-great ones.© Provided by Business Insider Adopt new habits to replace the not-so-great ones.

When you’re always in “go mode,” it can be easy to slip into old habits that may not be conducive to growing yourself or your business.

But the easiest way to reinforce better behavior is to adopt new habits to replace the not-so-great ones. If you need some inspiration, 11 entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) shared the habits they hope to incorporate and maintain as part of their daily routines in 2016.

1. Pay closer attention to personal social media channels.

“As a founder, it is difficult to prioritize personal social media when so many bigger things require your attention. However, I’m making an effort to tend to my personal Twitter and LinkedIn profiles at least once per day, because both can be great tools for business development when managed regularly.” —Brittany Hodak, ZinePak

2. Create a daily recap list.

“For the new year, I would like to adopt a habit of creating a daily list of five business tasks completed each day in a notebook, along with a 1-10 rating. The goal is to gauge how productive each day was, as well as to be a motivator for completing tasks. It is often useful to reflect on what has been completed and rate how you felt it went so that you can identify negative or positive patterns.” —Phil Chen, Wrapify

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