12 States in U.S Struggling With Mental Illness

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11. Indiana

> Pct. of adults with serious mental illness: 4.7%
> Total adults with serious mental illness: 237,000 (13th highest)
> Pct. of adults abusing alcohol or illicit drugs: 9.3% (17th highest)
> Poverty rate: 15.5% (24th highest)

In Indiana, 7.6% of adults reported having at least one major depressive episode last year, one of the largest shares in the country. Chronic and persistent depression that interferes with day-to-day functioning is one of several serious mental illnesses that an estimated 4.7% of adults in Indiana struggles with.

In light of the relative prevalence of mental illness in the state, Indiana increased its mental health authority’s budget in 2015. The same year, Senate Bill 380 directed the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute to create a central resource for training, funding, and other technical assistance for crisis intervention teams across the state. The bill also requires state police academies to provide mental health crisis intervention overviews to all police trainees.

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