15 Most Annoying Pests to Watch Out

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Most AnnoyingSpringtime has arrived and while most people are excited to welcome the nice weather, the outdoors has its way of bringing annoying pests and problems into our homes, lawns and gardens.

John Deluca, former supervisor with JP McHale Pest Management, says that in the spring the most frequent pest calls are for ants. Pavement ants and carpenter ants are very common; they cause a nuisance for individuals because they like to invade homes and buildings, while traveling in large colonies.

From mosquito bites to smelly stink bugs and creepy spiders, fortunately, the majority of the pests mentioned on this list are not dangerous, they are just extremely annoying.

Don’t let these pests wreak havoc in your home. Keep your lawn tidy, clean out your gutters, fix any leaky pipes, repair cracks and gaps and add screens for protection.

If you encounter an infestation make sure to call your local pest management control company immediately. It’s important to deal with the problem right away, rather than waiting and risking further intrusion.

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