15 Reasons Why Drinking Diet Soda and Alcohol Can Kill You

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fatty liver

The artificial, non-saccharide sweetener Aspartame found in diet sodas is the culprit here. An Israeli study hasshown it to increase insulin resistance and trigger fatty liver disease, which means there is a buildup of extra fat in the liver cells. Alcohol has also been linked to fatty liver disease. The organ’s job is to process everything we eat and drink, but too much fat will have an effect. The condition can also be brought on by excessive drinking. Alcoholic fatty liver disease is the earliest stage of other drinking-related liver problems. There are usually no symptoms.



Experiments on rats have shown that Aspartame, the market names of which are NutraSweet® and Equal®, can cause the development of cancerous cells in different parts or the body. The sweetener’s carcinogenic effects are increased when exposure begins in the womb. The Department of Health lists consumption of alcoholic beverages as a known human carcinogen. The most common cancers linked to excessive drinking are head and neck cancers, esophageal, liver, breast, colon and rectum, according to the National Cancer Institute.


metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome is a combination of factors that increase the chance of suffering from heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. A study concluded that basically the more you drink, the more likely you are to develop this condition. Symptoms include high blood pressure, insulin resistance, blood clots, and too much belly fat.


Heart Failure

A Swedish study that observed 42,400 men over 12 years said that only two sweetened drinks a day can increase the risk of heart problems by almost a quarter. Less than half of the people first diagnosed with the condition live longer than five years, according to the Heart Failure Society of America. Alcohol is also to blame. It weakens the heart muscle. That deteriorates the organ because it has more difficulties pumping blood.

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