How to make tamarind or imli packs for hair and skin

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How to use tamarind

Tamarind seeds and juice can be used to benefit the hair and skin in many ways. Though they can be consumed directly, in the raw form, there are several external applications as well that can yield good results.

Face mask for glowing skin

Make a face mask using fresh tamarind pulp, sandalwood powder, rose water, curd and multani mitti. Mix all these ingredients together to get a nice and smooth paste that can be applied to the face. After about 20 minutes when the face mask has dried, wash it off with warm water and reveal a clean and radiant skin.

Body scrub to remove dead skin

Create a body scrub to remove the dead skin cells by mixing together tamarind juice, baking soda, lemon juice and brown sugar. Apply this smooth paste to the body and exfoliate using a loofah. Use warm water to rinse off. Use this once a week.

Face pack to lighten skin tone

Extract tamarind pulp by boiling it with water and mix turmeric powder to the pulp. When cooled, this paste can be applied to the skin to get brighter and fairer complexion. Those with oilu skin can apply this face mask up to thrice a week to see a change in the skin tone. However, do note that the vitamin C in tamarind will make you more susceptible to sun damage so you must apply sun screen lavishly.

Natural bleach

You can easily make a natural bleaching mask by mixing together tamarind pulp, lemon juice and honey. Apply this on the face and let it dry for 15 minutes. Wash off with cold water.

Hair mask

To prevent hair fall and also to make the hair stronger, extract tamarind juice by soaking it in warm water and straining it. Apply the clear liquid to the hair. Shampoo the hair thoroughly to remove the stickiness of tamarind. You could also wrap a hot towel on the head after massaging the scalp with tamarind and rinse off after 15 minutes.

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